International Internship Opportunities

The Foundation for Sustainable Development works with more than 250 partner organizations to create incremental, lasting change in communities around the world. With the Intern Abroad program, participants help make that change happen through a hands-on internship experience. It's an intense, immersive program for students and young professionals looking to gain international development training and experience.

Below you will see specific internship descriptions gathered from our community partners. These partner organizations have identified specific needs within their organization that can be met through an FSD internship. Although this list is not comprehensive, it is a taste of the types of internship opportunities availalbe to FSD interns. To apply for one of these specific internships, simply mention the name of the internship in the Statement of Purpose section on your internship application.

If you have any questions about specific internship opportunities, or if you don't see an internship that matches your skills, please email

Monitoring and Evaluation Intern

Through its programs, Fundacion Nutrir supports at‐risk children and their families by combating infant malnutrition and building positive home environments. Currently, Foundation Nutrir is seeking an intern to help support in monitoring their current programs and support in data analysis, customer care, and administration at the headquarters in Salta, Argentina. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Education Intern

Fundación Alfarcito is seeking an education intern to help support educational projects focused on sustainable tourism. Since tourism is a growing sector in Salta, many small communities are trying to stimulate local economies through sustainable tourism. The intern will have the chance to work with diverse sets of people and travel to rural areas of Salta. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Capacity Building and Education Intern

Working with Fundacion Revivir, the Capacity Building and Education Intern will accompany participants who are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. The intern will work with patients as they attend workshops, skills training, physical education and excursions. Together with Fundacion Revivir, the intern will help develop workshops, alternative educational opportunities, or reinsertion activities for participants, including: Cooking, Music, English, or Computing. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Community Development and Sustainable Tourism Intern

The Community Development and Sustainable Tourism Intern will support educational projects based on sustainable tourism with Fundación Alfarcito. The organization would like support with workshop development with youth, curriculum development for sustainable tourism. In addition help with administration and organization management is appreciated as well as support with day to day operations. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Social Economy and Entrepreneurship Intern

The Social Economy and Entrepreneurship Intern will work with MAGIS in the area of Social Economy with local entrepreneurs. The project would involve facilitating training to entrepreneurs as well as support with organization with the development of a report on social entrepreneurship. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Cancer Prevention Education Intern

The intern will work with Fundacion HOPE to develop and execute campaigns in primary and secondary schools on cancer prevention. The intern will develop workshops and recreational activities for school aged children as well as training to parents on cancer prevention and awareness building in the community. The intern will be involved in the development of these campaign activities in collaboration with the organization, executing campaigns in the community. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Communication and Social Journalism Intern

The Communication and Social Journalism Intern will work to undertake a variety of communications to promote the Fundacion Buenos Habitos and build awareness in the community. The intern will work to develop communications and press to promote the visibility of the organization and the projects being developed: radio, T.V., magazine paper and web platform. The intern will build awareness for the organization and network with NGOs and community organizations. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Citizen Rights, Popular Education, and Social Development Intern

The Citizen Rights, Popular Education, and Social Development Intern will form part of a team working with OAJNU to promote citizen's rights in the schools and communities. The intern will be involved in the development and execution of workshops and the provision of capacity building activities led by young people. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Project Management Intern

Working in the urban sectors of Salta, ADRA is looking for an intern to help support and develop staff and volunteer trainings in order to build their capacity in administration and project management. The intern will have the opportunity to design and implement the trainings in order to insure a high level of effectiveness on the ground. Intermediate level of Spanish required Apply Here →

Marketing Intern

MAGIS works supporting small scale entrepreneurs and cooperatives and would like an intern to support these organizations in strategic marketing, branding, and communication strategies. The small scale entrepreneurs and NGO’s that MAGIS supports need an intern to help in product positioning and brand image design. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Political Science and Education Intern

OAJNU promotes democratic rights and works to develop the conditions of an ideal society, in which citizens can fully exercise these rights. OAJNU focuses on public education and social development as paradigms for the effective realization of these rights. The learning process and at the heart of OAJNU´s mission and continues to guide its work. This year OAJNU has 10 ongoing projects that interns can help support. One main focus would be working with educational projects in schools, helping students understand cultural responsibility and citizenship. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Community Development Intern

FUNDARA works to engage community members through dialogue and civic engagement. FUNDARA is seeking a community development intern to help engage the community through community outreach, training, and workshops. The intern will play an integral role in organizing solidarity movements, volunteers, and engaging youth in citizenship promoting activities. Interns may also have the opportunity to help plan and execute workshops based on sexual health, gender violence, and entrepreneurship. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Agricultural Intern

This position is for interns who have extensive knowledge of agricultural concepts and practices. The intern could consult with local producers on how to improve production through improved technology or agricultural practices. This position requires significant travel to rural communities. Please be aware that many rural communities speak Quechua, creating an added challenge for those interested in this position. Apply Here →

Finance Intern

This intern would focus their project and skills on improving business and finance practices both at CIOEC and with local producers. This intern would evaluate current finance methods used and look for more effective and efficient ways to implement them, or implement new methods altogether. This position requires knowledge of accounting or basic finance principles. Apply Here →

Educational Outreach Intern

This intern will work with Alerta Verde to make sure that their educational programming goes smoothly. This position requires daily travel to local schools, some quite far away. Educational sessions are also frequently held in Alerta Verde´s example garden. The intern´s job is to work with the organization to evaluate, improve, and/or expand their educational outreach. Though knowledge of community gardens and environment basics will be very useful, they are not necessary to apply for this position. It is highly recommended that if you do not have an environmental background, that you do extensive research before arrival. Apply Here →

Special Events Intern

This intern will focus on events hosted by the organization. ITEI holds multiple large events throughout the year, with the largest being in June. This intern should be prepared to elaborate materials, organize logistics, and promote the event. The intern will work with Director to determine the best event planning event strategy based on the desires of the organization. Interns should have prior knowledge of or experience in event planning or management, advertising, and/or design. Apply Here →

Prisoner Advocacy Intern

This intern will focus on advocacy for prisoners and their families. The intern will have the option of working directly in prisons (with Director supervision) or working with the families of prisoners. The goal is to ensure that prisoners and those that they are close to are aware of their rights. Activities could include taking testimonials, creating support groups, forming support networks, and developing a more expansive advocacy campaign. A high level of Spanish is required. Apply Here →

HIV Research Intern

This intern will focus on working with Vivo en Positivo to develop a research project that can be used by the organization in the future. Research will most likely be focused on topics having to do with HIV/AIDS risks, contraction, and management. The research intern will work in the Vivo office, but will most likely have to travel to local communities/institutions quite frequently. The intern may be expected to write an academic article and/or create materials presenting their findings. Someone with knowledge of basic research techniques and statistics is preferred. Advanced level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Advocacy Intern

The intern will focus on advocacy for people with HIV/AIDS, sex workers, and the promotion of equality for all lifestyles. This could include working on or creating awareness campaigns, collaborating with other NGOs, or working on petitions to the government. This position requires a dynamic person that is willing to work with many different actors at once. This position will require the intern to work in the office, but also to spend a great deal of time outside working with and collaborating with other institutions and people. Intern must be independent and self-motivated. An intermediate-advanced level of Spanish is required. Apply Here →

Education Intern

This intern will focus on working at the school inside Casa de los Niños. They will work with the teachers and director to determine where their skills may be best applied (classroom, programs, etc.). The school specializes in working with children with alternative learning styles and disabilities. The intern must have patience and be flexible with a constantly changing reality. Any skill sets that the intern can bring to the school will be useful. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Health and Community Outreach Intern

This intern will work on improving the health program at the Casa. There are a limited number of doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists working at the organization. The intern´s role is to assist them and help them realize projects they have been working on or would like to create. They may ask the intern to evaluate community needs and develop a project with them. Activities could include creating awareness campaigns, new methods for outreach, improved health protocols, etc. Depending on what the intern would like to work on, they should have corresponding knowledge. For example, if the intern would like to work closely with the nurses, knowledge of nursing would be extremely useful. Intermediate-Advanced level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Finance Intern

This intern will assist with the financial aspects that CADEPIA works with. The intern will work with the staff to either evaluate financial practices in the home office or evaluate the practices of the many small producers that CADEPIA works with. The goal is to evaluate what is already being done and implement more effective strategies to better manage allocation of resources. Intern must have knowledge of either basic financial principles or accounting. A familiarity with statistics is also very useful. Intermediate-advanced level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Public Relations/Marketing Intern

The intern will work with the CADEPIA staff on evaluating and developing more effective strategies for public relations and marketing. This position requires a good deal of time outside the office getting to know the community and small producers. This will allow the intern to better create marketing and public relations strategies that will be most effective within the communities that CADEPIA works with. The intern must be open and willing to talk to many different types of people. Must be independent and willing to work alone at times. Advanced level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Political Advocacy Intern

Intern will collaborate with staff at ProHabitat on effective strategies and methods to promote laws and regulations that encourage community empowerment. The intern should be prepared for frustrating bureaucratic barriers and a slow moving process. The point is to make small, but useful, meaningful changes that help push these laws and regulations forward. The Intern should have a background in political advocacy. Background knowledge of land and resource rights, comparative government, and/or urban planning would be very useful. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Media and Outreach Intern

The intern will collaborate with staff to create new media and outreach campaigns on various topics. Types of outreach could include: videos, paper media, web design, etc. The position requires a good deal of time outside the office, getting to know the communities IDH works with, in order to make more effective outreach campaigns. The intern will be expected to read, watch, and listen to previous campaigns in order to evaluate and assess them, so that they can be improved upon. The intern should be creatively inclined. Knowledge of design, web design, etc. would be extremely useful. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Environmental Research Intern

Intern will collaborate with Gaia Pacha to create a research project that will help Gaia Pacha to better serve the communities that they work with. The intern must be willing to be in communication with Gaia Pacha prior to the start of the internship (so that they may begin research upon arrival). Intern may be expected to write an academic article, create a presentation, or create another type of media platform to display the results of their investigation. Advanced level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Childhood Development Intern

The intern will devote the majority of their time to being in the classroom with the children of ALDEAS. They will observe and evaluate current methods being used in the classroom and collaborate with ALDEAS to improve upon these. This position focuses on inside the classroom and the development of the child. Position requires much time in the classroom, but less traveling overall. Knowledge of basic education theory and childhood development is a must. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Outreach Intern

Intern will assist Performing Life with outreach to the communities that they serve. This may include going to rural communities and collecting information or giving surveys. Intern should collaborate with staff to create new strategies to reach out to the community. Intern will also be expected to help plan and prepare for special events hosted by Performing Life. Position does require travel and lots of walking in rural communities. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Public Health Intern

Intern will work at the clinic elaborating/improving health initiatives within the community. This may include initiating health campaigns, hosting health fairs, or creating support/informational groups. The intern will live in the rural community of Anzaldo, about 2 hours outside of Cochabamba. Intern must be willing to live in a rural setting, with occasional visits into urban Cochabamba. Intern must have background in public health and be extremely independent. Advanced level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Development (Fundraising) Intern

Intern will collaborate with staff in Cochabamba to improve upon and create new methods to secure funding and donations. This could include the elaboration of materials, awareness campaigns, networking, etc. Intern must be willing to talk to diverse sets of people and must be willing to travel. Intermediate level of Spanish required. Apply Here →

Women’s Rights Advocacy Intern

This intern will work on advocacy campaigns for Seva Mandir’s domestic violence shelters (short stay homes), evaluating the effectiveness of current strategies and helping to create new ones. This position requires that the intern understand basic advocacy strategies. Interns must be committed to working with local community members and have the patience, understanding, and mature enough to deal with women/Girls violence issues. Apply Here →

Educational Programming Intern

This intern will work on educational components of the Short Stay Home (shelters) for women and their children. This means evaluating, improving, and adding to the educational materials that exist. This may involve organizing vocational training workshops so that the women can generate income and be self‐sufficient. It also may involve creating educational materials; putting on educational sessions, games, or other activities; expanding materials; or expanding outreach. These efforts aim to allow women and their children to release their stress and help them build their courage and strength. The intern must become familiar with all aspects of these Short Stay Homes in order to best evaluate how to improve or expand their educational programming. Knowledge of basic design principles may be helpful, but is not required. Apply Here →

Organizational Development & Logistics Intern

This intern will work with the Seva Mandir’s Urban Block to determine what areas are lagging in terms of organization and efficiency. The intern may be asked to create or update databases and/or organize campaigns to collect data to fill them. This intern should be organized with excellent computer and analytical skills, while having the patience and flexibility to integrate well with the staff. Apply Here →

Publicity and Media Intern

This intern will collaborate with staff to create improved or new strategies to promote the organization in the community. This may involve taking video, video editing, web design, or elaboration of paper media. It also may include creating testimonials, and developing write ups on success stories. Intern must be interested in media and be inclined toward creativity. Apply Here →

Research Intern

: Jatan has been working on the issue of preventing child marriages through various perspectives of bring respect to the girl child, connecting children to education and working extensively on political empowerment of women, addressing violence and reproductive health. A research intern is needed for Jatan to put special attention on this issue. The proposed research will help the organization understand the ground realities of this group better on parameters of health, cultural and social issues, economic status and psychological status. This research will be used to better understand and evolve strategies to work with these youth and the community. A background in women’s empowerment, social work, and research are all beneficial subject areas to be familiar with. Apply Here →

Sexual/Reproductive Health and Rights Intern

This internship will involve increasing availability and utilization of sexual and reproductive health services through the use of Peer Advocates for Life Skills (PALs) and mobilization of youth-friendly services. One of the main challenges is the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS; an intern would have the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding in creative ways. Though some of these programs are already in place on a basic level, the intern will be integral in SAIPEH’s ongoing mobilization of community support. Apply Here →

Youth Empowerment Intern

This internship opportunity is multifaceted, and could include: working with education and scholarship programs for bright but needy students who otherwise have no way to attend school, and in this way empowering them to work hard for a bright future. SAIPEH is also seeking to bolster its programming at a care center that offers additional support services to local Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs). Apply Here →

Empowering Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Intern

This intern would support EDDO in the majority of its many activities surrounding the disabled population around Kakamega, from identification and assessment to advocacy and adaptation. EDDO hopes to, with intern support, hold community sensitization workshops to bring awareness into the communities in an attempt to minimize misunderstanding and abuse. There would be opportunities to help with health trainings and vocational skills, as well as to do some research within the communities. An intern with EDDO can expect to learn sign language, and must be passionate about working with and on behalf of disabled persons. Apply Here →

Youth Enrichment Intern

SAIDE is seeking an innovative intern who is passionate about literacy and extracurricular to establish mechanisms for sustainability of their existing programs (e.g. debate, mentorship, computer instruction), and to implement additional programs to enhance literacy in the Sabatia area. A background in or some basic knowledge of fundraising would be beneficial (though a willing attitude is welcome as well), since one of SAIDE's desires is for guidance in this area. SAIDE has already seen exciting results in developing a local culture of reading, and would offer the opportunity to work with school-age youth, and overall, a meaningful internship experience. Apply Here →

Child Development Intern

IMahiakalo is seeking a creative problem solver for an internship working in their Child Development Centre, with children aged 3 up to 21. At its most basic level, all activities of this internship would be for the educational, social, and eventually professional development of these underserved children. The Centre has a number of programs in place, and a number that could be grown further, including mentorships, fundraising, skills development and basic business training, as well as the provision of basic health care. The intern would also be encouraged to work with the caregivers and service providers, bringing fresh, relevant ideas and methods to their work as well. This intern should be excited about working with children, as that is a guarantee! Apply Here →

Community Health Intern

Emusanda is seeking an intern passionate about community health, particularly with regards to the prevention and treatment of HIV. Due to the stigma of living with a positive status, many individuals continue to resist being tested, to their own detriment. The intern will be encouraged to take charge and bring new ideas for how to reach out into the community, as well as activities for support groups to undertake to help improve quality of life and empower those currently living with HIV. Apply Here →

Education/Community Development Intern

This internship includes utilizing sustainable mechanisms to support the education of bright, but underprivileged, students unable to afford typical costs associated with their schooling. Education is a high priority for community members. A background in health, social work, education or finance/business are all applicable to contributing to the long-term efforts of ACCES’s work with children. Apply Here →

Public Health Intern

This internship will focus on a debilitating disease called “jiggers,” which is especially prevalent for disadvantaged populations in rural areas. This is a relatively new initiative for ACCES to prevent and treat this illness using sustainable methods and community sensitization. The internship will include community outreach, education/training, and empowerment, with the aims of alleviating the poverty in the area. Apply Here →

Community Development / Economic Empowerment Intern

This intern would work with and expand on current programming addressing the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS. This intern should be someone with good analytic and planning skills, with the ability to prioritize as there are many critical programs going on at the organization. WOPLAH has numerous support groups for disadvantaged people in the community to engage in capacity-building and income-generating endeavors such as gardening and animal raising (e.g. goats, chickens). The organization facilitates community health dialogues and outreach programs. Above all, this intern should have a passion for working for the benefit of stigmatized groups. Apply Here →

Youth Development Intern

Shibwe has requested an intern to bridge gaps between the community and facility, and champion the establishment of a Youth-Friendly Center, where young men and women ("youth" being individuals up through mid-20s) feel safe and welcome seeking relevant medical information and assistance. The intern will work with current staff members, several of whom have already been trained on best practices for such a Center, and who can help the intern ensure the project's long-term sustainability through community involvement and empowerment. Apply Here →

Environmental Education Intern

Previously, an FSD intern worked with MASINFA to design and build a demonstrative garden on the school campus with the purpose of cultivating awareness and hands‐on experience surrounding environmental awareness, food security, and nutrition. The organization wishes to enrich and expand both the didactic and practical application opportunities utilizing the gardens. An Education/Environmental Education Intern would have the opportunity to work with students and teachers to create dynamic lesson plans, activities, events, and awareness campaigns which reinforce these identified values and teach practical skills such as planting, watering, and caring for plants and crops. An intermediate‐advanced level of Spanish is required. Apply Here →

Public Health/Nutrition Intern

The health clinic run by MASINFA (CIPO) is currently aiming to further build on the awareness generated through their work by engaging the resources and beneficiaries of the health clinic (CIPO) to deliver the values of proper nutrition at all stages of healthcare delivery to the adult population. A Public Health/Nutrition Intern would have an opportunity to research and learn about issues regarding nutrition in Nicaragua, and work with the nurses and physicians to design public health campaigns that will directly benefit the citizens living in Masaya, Nicaragua. Apply Here →

HIV and Sexual Health Intern

The Centro de Investigacion y Prevencion Oncologica (CIPO) primary objective is the prevention of Uteran and Breast Cancer, though the clinic also offers: general consults, gynecological consults, pap smears, mammograms, minor breast and vaginal surgeries, ultrasounds, pregnancy prevention, and biopsy. The clinic is always in need of, in fact depends on, interns to build capacity in the form of new techniques for messaging, engaging, and evaluating of existing activities. These activities may include,forums, workshops, health fairs at the departmental and national level in conjunction with the Nicaraguan AIDS Commission, HIV prevention, distribution of/education about contraceptive methods, youth counselling and education regarding topics of reproductive health, STIs and STDs, Teen pregnancy, self‐care and general health, promotion of health amongst peers. Apply Here →

Engineering Intern

As part of the long‐term objectives for NAMBUE and DLS, MASINFA is involved in two large‐scale building projects in need of planning, design, funding, logistics, and implementation. MASINFA is looking for an intern with experience in civil engineering, finance, and/or business to assist in the development of these projects at different stages of planning, design, and implementation. The intern will have the opportunity to participate in developing one of two infrastructure projects:

1. An outdoor recreational space for students and community to gather for the purpose of reinforcing appreciation for the natural environment through the planting and caring for trees and gardens; instilling the values of physical activity in health through walking paths and a playground; and an appreciation for traditional cultural activities.

2. A backpacker’s hotel whose proceeds would be invested back into the school where students of accounting, tourism, and English would participate in the operation of the hotel as part of an internship program. Apply Here →

Research and Evaluation Intern

Alternativa is seeking a Research and Evaluation Intern to research local microfinance organizations, statistics, methods, models, and outcomes. Much of the material and resources needed to begin such an investigation is documented in the Alternativa offices, but human resources are not available to conduct the extensive analysis needed to produce findings, evaluations, and recommendations. Additionally, the Research and Evaluation Intern will help in the assessment and evaluation of the current state, causes, and impacts of poverty at the local level, thus helping Alternativa understand root causes to the poverty they are striving to overcome. Apply Here →

Microfinance Intern

With over 1,200 clients, Alternativa has a complicated system of loan and financial tracking that does not allow the program to run full reports or understand the current status of all loan recipients at a glance. Alternativa desires to have a Finance Intern join their team to help design and implement a new financial tracking program/system that would allow for better tracking of resources, loans, interest rates, and projections. Apply Here →

Capacity Building Intern

Capacity building is at the core of Alternativa’s mission, and they work tirelessly to assist small business owners build capacity in order to increase their livelihoods. Alternativa would like a Capacity Building Intern to help design and facilitate workshops and projects among local business owners – of all levels and specialties – to increase business knowledge and skill, increase capacity and resiliency, train and teach methods for growing ideas and product development. For example: tamarindo is a fruit produced and consumed in high quantities in Nicaragua. Many vendors simply pick the fruit and sell directly to the consumer at a low cost who, upon returning home, will need to complete several steps before consuming the tamarindo. Were the vendor to assume a portion of the “processing” the product could be sold at higher increments. Is there a market for this? Interns would have the opportunity to assess and evaluate the market to help vendors evaluate their product, their market, and their areas for growth. Apply Here →

Agriculture and Sustainable Farming Intern

In the rural communities served by the vast and varied services of Alternativa, has several opportunities for an Agriculture and Sustainable Farming Intern to complete project work towards improving the quality of life of families, individuals, and livestock through the following objectives and/or activities:

Many rural constituents who may own a small piece of land are not necessarily using their land for food and/or income production purposes. These communities would benefit greatly from programs/workshops/campaigns teaching successful and sustainable farming methods, crop selection and rotation strategies, etc.

Workshops focusing on proper care and utilization of livestock in sustainable farming methods. Apply Here →

Women's Empowerment Intern

About 75% of Alternativa’s clients are women and the organization reflects a strong commitment to women’s rights and sustainable economic development. Because of this strong commitment, Alternativa is seeking a Women’s Empowerment Intern to support programs aimed at increasing the coverage of existing programs devoted to women’s rights and sustainable economic development, and youth education and empowerment to include more rural constituents . Interns will work with Alternativa staff to identify rural communities that are underserved by Alternativa and develop strategic plans to reach vulnerable populations in need of Alternativa’s services. Apply Here →

Health Promotion Intern

In addition to its medical services, CS Monimbo integrates educational workshops into its daily schedule, and its health workers travel to the five rural outposts (puestos de salud) in Masaya to educate communities on thematic topics and to undertake vaccination campaigns. CS Monimbo is seeking a Health Promotion Intern to assist the staff in designing and executing current health campaigns which include:

Promotion of and education about breastfeeding: a highly visible national campaign that has been in place since 2005 and extends to every health center and clinic

Cervical cancer prevention, awareness, and treatment: drop‐in pap smear exams are offered daily; although, so far the high incidence and death rates have not dropped

Diarrhea, dehydration, and dengue fever prevention

Tuberculosis screenings and care

HIV/AIDS and STD testing and referrals Apply Here →

Marketing & communications intern

Iniciativa Tejiendo por la Naturaleza is eager to work with an intern with experience and/or interest in marketing and communications to bolster their online presence and current marketing materials. They also would like to keep building partnerships with hotels and businesses in the tourism industry to gain new clients. The intern should have at least an intermediate level of Spanish and have a strong desire to build rapport with the women. Development sectors include: women’s empowerment, micro enterprise development, and the environment. Apply Here →

Management and Fundraising Intern

The Association para el Desarrollo Sostenible de Limon 2 would like to work with an intern with experience and/or interest in, communications, fundraising, and management in order to assist the Board of Directors with oversight and growth for their library project. The project needs to revamp its online presence and fundraising capacity in lieu of a recent donor pullout and the Board of Directors needs general support in management strategies. Fortunately, the organization also has income earning opportunities, such as the internet café at the library, the sale of school supplies at the library and also the sale of honey produced by the organization’s bee keeping activities. The intern must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish and the motivation to spearhead new strategies for fundraising and management. Development sectors include: micro enterprise development, community development, and education and youth development. Apply Here →

Reproductive Health Research Intern

AMNLAE Casa de la Mujer “Sonia Bello” seeks to address the social issue of sexual health and reproductive rights as part of their comprehensive health program. They are looking for one or multiple interns to undertake a research project that would enable them to understand better the factors that relate to lack of access and information on sexual health and reproductive rights. They would use the data collected from the investigation to buttress their proposal writing, to aid communities in understanding where to concentrate their efforts, to support arguments for a national strategy on reproductive rights, and to share information with relevant institutions. The intern must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish and a strong desire to collaborate with the organization’s network of women and adolescent beneficiaries. Development sectors include: women’s rights, health, and human rights. Apply Here →

Water Quality Research Intern

The health post in Nancimi is concerned about the quality of water for human consumption. Commonly reported health problems at the post include urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal illnesses. A potential cause of such health problems is the quality of water the community is consuming, which primarily comes from local well water resources. The health post would like to undertake an analysis of water quality and carry out informed interventions in the community. The intern must have an intermediate level of Spanish and an interest in public health. Development sectors include: health, environment, and appropriate technologies. Apply Here →

Marketing and Microenterprise Development Intern

The Rivas chapter of Los Pipitos is eager to work with an intern with a background and/or experience in marketing, business and vocational training in order to commercialize better a variety of products, such as jewelry and piñatas, that children and youth create and sell in order to earn income for their families. This program works to provide these young people with better futures and empower them within their communities and families. Interns must have an intermediate level of Spanish and a desire to work with disabled youth and children, as well as their parents. Development sectors include: Education and Youth Development, Health, and Micro Enterprise Development. Apply Here →

Agriculture and Economic Development Intern

Interns will work on IDIWA’s “Economic Empowerment and Livelihood Project” through microcredit support for improved agricultural productivity, value addition, and non‐farm income generating activities of community women’s groups. Apply Here →

Economic Empowerment Intern

: Intern will focus on promoting financial independence among women with disabilities through the production and sale of cookies in small‐scale confectionery businesses. Desired skills include training skills; marketing, sales promotion, and record keeping; organizational and leadership skills, enthusiasm for IDIWA mission; and appreciation for adult learning. Apply Here →

Education Intern

KIDRON is interested in a teaching project for the children of 4‐13 year old kids in various subjects. Interns will develop and strengthen KIDRON’s programs in teaching English and co‐curricular activities, and aid in the creation of educational materials (charts, painting educational murals, etc) Apply Here →

Community Health Intern

This intern will support clinical staff with community sensitization campaigns on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, hygiene & sanitation and conducting medical camps. The intern will learn about pressing health issues in the community, and also provide ideas and insight into ways to impact the community more effectively. Apply Here →

Microfinance Intern

Baitambogwe needs a community‐based mobilization and education project that will inform people on the techniques and benefits of micro saving and lending. Interns with a background in finance/business will leverage these skills in a grass‐roots community setting. Apply Here →

Marketing and Outreach Intern

Busoga Trust has a revolving loan for the construction of a water harvesting tank at individual homes in the communities of Kaliro. Water harvesting tanks enable community members to collect rain as a source of accessible clean water. The organization needs interns to support with outreach in the community and appraising homes for this project, as well as strengthen its social marketing to bring awareness of such services. Apply Here →

Public Health and Youth Education Intern

Busoga Trust is giving some communities and schools a complete latrine package. The organization requests the interns to come up with a complimentary project of teaching communities and/or schools on hand washing using soap plus soap making and soap marketing. Apply Here →

Microfinance Intern

CARITAS has a food security and nutrition program that promotes the production, consumption and marketing of nutritious foods like; vitamin A fortified sweet potatoes and multi‐nutritional maize. CARITAS needs support from intern to work with the community and introduce an entrepreneurship and micro‐ savings project to one of the benefitting community groups. The project will include skills training and establishing community based micro‐ savings plus monitoring systems. Interns should have a background in business/finance. Apply Here →

Appropriate Technology Intern

CARITAS is working with a solar company to promote solar as a renewable energy. The organization needs follow‐up support on how the current system of promoting solar works and the monitoring of the current performance. A project that can explore the current solar technology and new better approaches for spreading the technology in the community. A background in engineering or technology is a plus. Apply Here →

Finance Training Intern

MARUSSACO is looking for an intern to work on a project on training community groups about savings, credit and loan recovery. The organization believes that such support will help in mobilizing membership and eventually building the SACCO capital base. Apply Here →

Advocacy and Awareness Intern

This position involves the education of Ugandan communities on intellectual disabilities, including their causes, early identification, types and management of disabilities, and coping strategies. It also entails the development of training manuals, as well as useable curriculum on the plight of PWIDs to be used for further trainings by the organization and communities. Desired skills for this position include training and teaching experience; communication; mobilization; and interpersonal skills. Relevant education and backgrounds include psychiatry, mental health, education, child care, community development, and sociology. Apply Here →

Youth Education Intern

This intern will work in the primary school to develop teaching materials, such as educational charts and posters, and develop the extracurricular activities such as sports, games and physical education to boost self‐esteem and improve health. St. Stephens also would like to develop a secondary school. Interns can offer support by conducting an assessment of how to best engage these students with school clubs like a debate team, sports/games club, environmental club, etc. The intern is encouraged to teach English during part of the day to integrate with the running of the school, while also working on projects for long‐term impact on the children’s education. Interns should have a desire to work with underprivileged youth. Experience in teaching or curriculum develop will be helpful. Apply Here →

Gender Equity Intern

This position involves conducting awareness sessions and trainings about violence and its adverse effects in communities at risk. This will occur through closely working with men and engaging them as ambassadors of change. Writing of activity reports to show progress on the project will be important, so that WORI can utilize similar methods in the future. It is also important for the volunteer to commit energy towards online fundraising and resource mobilization to construct a shelter for domestically abused women. Suitable academic fields are Social Work, Gender, Women Studies, Research, Community Development, Project Planning, Development Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, International development and related courses. Possession of Interpersonal skills, good communication skills, dynamic, organized, tolerant, accommodative, empathetic and ready to learn from others and work in a community of diversity. Prior experience involving or working with domestically abused people, or a shelter. Apply Here →

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