FSD's Intern Abroad Program


Our International Internship Program offers 9-52 week placements at any FSD site with one of our 300 Community Partners. It's an intense, immersive program for students and young professionals looking to gain international development experience and training.

Fund your FSD experience: explore our Funding Resources page to learn more about scholarships, grants, and fundraising campaigns. **Scholarship Opportunity for Masters in Public Health students and recent graduates to participate in FSD's international internship program, click here.

The program commonly acts as a catalyst for building a career in development, strengthening applications for graduate programs, or cultivating relationships with international communities and organizations. Internships run year-round, depending on your time schedule and the breadth of experience you wish to attain.

The structured program consists of several components that prepare and provide you with the support and guidance needed to implement successful projects in a sustainable manner. Your internship will involve home-stays, an on-site orientation, development training, grantwriting, and ultimately project implementation to ensure that the work makes a lasting impact on you and the community you serve.

TRAVEL, LEARN, TRANSFORM: FSD Intern Catherine McDonald

Arco Iris_0.jpg

"My internship was in La Plata, Argentina at an NGO called Arco Iris. It is a community center in an impoverished neighborhood that provides a number of services, including child care before and after school. I chose FSD because I had just recently become very interested in social entrepreneurship, and FSD seemed to provide the perfect opportunity for me to get some hands on experience in the field. I have always been interested in global health and volunteering abroad, and my FSD internship gave me the experience I needed to become more confident in my interests. I would have to say my favorite part of my FSD trip was getting to know all the people who made the experience so wonderful. The teachers at Arco Iris welcomed me from day one, and incorporated me into their team. Perhaps the most memorable day at my site was the farewell party the kids and teachers threw for me on my last day. They had worked for weeks on gifts and performances to send me on my way. I had never felt so loved and appreciated by so many, and I will never forget that day." (Catherine is now a first year student at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, where she is an MD Candidate working to bring innovative change in health to her community.)

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You will begin your internship with a group of 3 to 10 other participants. Each program site features a locally born Program Director and at least one Program Coordinator from the United States. The FSD Site Team helps you acclimate to your new surrounding for a safe and comfortable entry, and addresses any problems that might arise throughout your internship. A variety of activities and educational sessions in the orientation phase will prepare for the work ahead. FSD provides basic language training during orientation (Africa and India only). Private language tutoring is also available in all regions for a nominal fee.

Initially, you will stay in a hostel with the group and then move on to your host family. All interns live individually with host families for at least the first 9 weeks of their internship. This will ensure your full immersion into the local language and culture while providing a chance to form relationships with an extended family and community.

Upon completion of the orientation, the FSD Site Team will introduce you to your direct supervisor at the host organization. During this stage, you will familiarize yourself with the organization and its staff by interviewing them and gaining a full understanding of the resources, people, and projects currently in progress. Typically, you will be the only FSD participant placed with the organization to ensure your immersion into the local culture.

Throughout your internship, FSD supports you with a series of development tools to ensure the success of your project work. Initially you will learn the most pressing health, economic, environmental, educational, and human rights related development issues and initiatives in the local region. You will then be trained by speakers, readings, and resource materials on more specific topics related to development.

Once you have jointly prepared a work plan, you and the organization will be given a $300 seed grant to support its implementation. (Programs 13 weeks or longer receive additional seed funding.) If additional funds are integral to your project work, FSD offers a grant competition. To be involved, you will participate in grantwriting training and, subsequently, will write a grant proposal to FSD for up to $800.

The bulk of your internship will involve working directly in the community to actualize your work plan with the support of your organization, supervisor, and community contributors. The FSD Site Team will be at arm’s reach throughout, assisting your work and providing for your needs.

Group Sessions/Midterm Retreat – You will meet bi-monthly with your group and FSD to share resources, develop project work, confront cultural issues, and process the internship experience. At the mid-point of your internship, you may participate in a group retreat that allows you to relax with your peers, remove yourself from the work, and travel outside of the community.

Project Report/Sustainability Plan – To summarize what you learned, accomplished, and experienced, you will submit a brief report for our project site and partner organizations. If you received a grant from FSD, you will explain how the grant was applied and detail the community/organizational resources to ensure project sustainability.

These elements make up the bulk of your internship with FSD. Upon completion, you will have significant experience in international development and hold a substantial body of work and knowledge to support your future goals.

Spanish Language Training

After a successful pilot program in 2014, FSD is excited to offer a new Spanish training program to complement our mission of achieving community-driven goals through asset-based development and international exchange in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This additional service is available to program participants in Cochabamba, Bolivia who seek to increase their Spanish Language skills before and during their international development field work.

FSD offers two program options, one before and one concurrent with an FSD internship abroad. Both options are designed to work hand in hand with program components from the Intern Abroad, Gap Year, ProCorps, and Global Service Trip programs, including site team support, local host family home stay, and country orientation.

Nichole Clark, a participant in last year’s pilot program, has plenty to say about her experience. “I absolutely loved my experience with Toni! She always knew how to make me feel at home and loved even when I felt completely out of place. Toni was so encouraging, I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. I was complimented on my Spanish from local Cochabambinos, which was one of the greatest rewards and I owe it all to my amazing Spanish tutor. "

Nichole interned with FSD’s community partner Alerta Verde, a local organization that focuses on environmental sustainability by implementing gardens at schools and homes. Nichole worked on a compost system project with local restaurants that do not separate their waste, even though 85 percent of the waste is organic. Nichole developed partnerships with local restaurants to pick up their organic waste, covert it into compost, and use the compost to grow organic produce to sell back to the restaurants.

FSD’s instructors offer quality Spanish training at your level. Classes are held one-on-one with the instructor, so that each class can be tailored for the student. Our professors design curriculum based on the needs of the students; developing conversation, grammar, reading and writing. All instructors are local Bolivians who are Spanish-English bilingual and have taught at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Together they have taught over two thousand students across Bolivia, and make learning Spanish practical and relevant to Cochabamba. Classes include information on Bolivian culture, politics, and history.

Communication is essential to effective, sustainable community development, and we look forward to increasing the skills and effectiveness of our volunteers in Latin America.


FSD’s Level One Spanish Immersion Program is intended for participants who have zero to basic command of the Spanish language.

WHAT: Two or more weeks of language classes, 3 hours a day (1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours at night), before normal start date orientation. Participants will be placed with a host organization that supports an intern with a low level of Spanish language skills.

WHEN: Courses are programmed to finish right before FSD’s programmed start date and orientation. After your Spanish Immersion Program, you would join orientation with other interns. You can elect to add on additional weeks of Spanish Immersion Program Level Two after orientation, if you would like.

COST: The first two weeks of our Level One Spanish Immersion Program costs: $625 ($295 for each additional week).


FSD’s Level Two Spanish Immersion Program is intended for participants who have a basic command of the Spanish language.

WHAT: A one month block of language classes, 1.5 hours a day, which will be programmed concurrently with the internship as the participant would complete language learning for half the day, and work with their host organization for half the day. Participants will be placed with a host organization that supports an intern with a basic level of Spanish language skills.

WHEN: Courses are programmed to coincide with FSD’s programmed start date and orientation. After the initial course, the participant can elect to add on additional weeks of training, one week at a time.

COST: The first four weeks of our Level Two Spanish Immersion Program costs: $445 ($110 for each additional week).