Location: Kakamega Setting: Urban Established: 2003 Staff: 7

Location: Kakamega Setting: Urban Established: 2003 Staff: 7


Subject Areas

Women’s Empowerment: Gender Equity Strategies

Human Rights: Child Advocacy

Youth and Education: Personal and Professional Development

Microfinance: Savings, Microcredit, Small Business Management


Organization Objectives

The Western Education Advocacy and Empowerment Program (WEAEP) facilitates a participatory approach in the implementation of proposed development solutions to include the marginalized groups of society, especially women, girls, and vulnerable children. Its goals are to:

  • Empower women by improving their socioeconomic status and rights-based advocacy
  • Promote and protect the rights of orphans and vulnerable children
  • Reintegrate street children into society
  • Provide and support vocational training and skills acquisition


Program Information


1. Women’s Empowerment

WEAEP strives to empower women and raise their standard of living through several avenues, including vocational training, savings and credit activities, and the promotion and advocacy of women’s rights. The main goal of these activities is to provide women with the tools and support to help themselves.



  • Conduct field visits to local groups
  • Develop workshops and activities
  • Assist with the implementation of vocational trainings
  • Aid in the promotion of women’s rights through rights campaigns
  • Research, monitor, and evaluate issues facing women in western Kenya
  • Assist with the savings and microcredit project



  • Interest in women’s rights, empowerment, and gender issues
  • Experience in social work or related activities
  • Flexible and creative


2. Reintegration of Street Children

To combat the increasing number of children living on the streets, WEAEP implements initiatives to reintegrate these children into schools or provide vocational training in areas such as carpentry or mechanics.



  • Work directly with vulnerable and at-risk youth
  • Assist with the implementation of vocational trainings
  • Develop after-school activities to keep orphans off the streets
  • Strengthen community care for orphans through awareness building



  • Willingness to work with children and confront difficult issues
  • Background in working with disadvantaged youth
  • Patient and creative


3. Rights Development for Orphans and Children Vulnerable to HIV/AIDS

WEAEP seeks to promote and protect the rights of orphans and vulnerable children and their families, as well as create a society where the rights of the child are respected and children have future opportunities to advance their livelihoods.



  • Advocate the rights of children through rights campaigns and awareness building
  • Provide psychosocial support to vulnerable and at-risk children
  • Help develop and engage youth in Young People Associations
  • Assess the needs of vulnerable children in and around Kakamega
  • Develop initiatives and projects to combat the neglect of children



  • Background in human rights and their promotion
  • Experience with social work
  • Creative and flexible


Note: Responsibilities offered to each participant will be proportionate to their level of experience. Participants who are new to development work may predominantly support and assist current project agendas, while those with much applicable experience may be able to assume greater responsibility. Research projects are strongly encouraged by this organization to support each program’s objective because minimal resources are currently allocated for research.


Working Conditions

WEAEP’s offices are located in the center of Kakamega town, but several projects are based in more rural areas. The main office has electricity and running water as well as computers (although volunteers are encouraged to bring their own). Participants will have the opportunity to visit project sites in rural areas. English is spoken within the office but a basic knowledge of Kiswahili and Kiluhya will be useful in terms of conducting field-based visits.


Organization Background

WEAEP was registered as an NGO in Kenya in 2003 and is based in western Kenya. The head office is located in Kakamega and several branches are placed throughout the Western Province. WEAEP began as a volunteer-run organization, staffed by individuals committed to changing the lives of marginalized groups within society. Through support from the Kenyan government and International Childcare Trust (ICT), WEAEP has accumulated resources to more effectively empower others. It hopes to continue its expansion to positively impact women and children who are most in need.


About WEAEP’s Clients

WEAEP works directly with women, orphans, and vulnerable children to empower them to respond to their social conditions and participate in activities that improve their socioeconomic status.