Location: Chandelao Village, Jodphur Setting: Rural Established: 2007 Staff: 2

Subject Areas

Community Development:Capacity Building, Community mobilization/organization, Planning and Infrastructure Building, Cultural Retention, Tourism
Environment/Appropriate Technology: Organic/sustainable agriculture, renewable energy
Women's Empowerment: Building cooperatives, Women’s entrepreneurship, Capacity building

Organization Objectives

Chandelao Vikas Sansthan seeks to empower the women and in Chandelao village, Rajasthan and create a sustainable source of income by promoting and maintaining knowledge about local arts and crafts.

Program Information
1. Sunder Rang

Rajasthan is a region famous for its diversity and richness in arts and crafts (i.e. embroidery, pottery, block printing and weaving). These artisans are in competition with modern and industrial products and the designs do not in many cases live up to what the market requires. Therefore, many artisans can’t live on their profession and stop practicing the traditional crafts. In some cases the knowledge is about to disappear.

Chandelao Vikas Sansthan helps to run Sunder Rang (“beautiful colors” in Hindi), an arts and crafts center in Chandelao village. Around 15 women work at the center, producing traditional Rajasthani textiles and handicrafts items for both local and export markets. The project is run on a "fair trade" basis paying the artisans a good daily wage for their work, caring about the environment and empowering the women in many ways.

This community development project focuses on providing specific training, capacity building and local jobs linked with arts and crafts, preferably for women and female youth in the village. By helping the artists with marketing and sales, Sunder Rang has raised awareness within the local community of the advantages of cultivating and developing traditional skills and practices.

The Chandelao product line includes embroidery, clothes, accessories, home ware and cushions. By creating local jobs and providing a platform for nurturing and developing local cultural knowledge and traditional skills, the project has already developed a good reputation in the village, and in surrounding areas, and is generating much-needed income to the women and their families.

  • Explore marketing options for the products, including getting them fair trade accreditation.
  • Facilitate the training of the women in new handicrafts skills or in how to make new designs.
  • Background in the arts, business, or marketing
  • Ability to adapt to work in rural villages, even in the hot summer months
  • Hindi a major plus
  • Strong research and networking skills.
2. Solar Electricity

Partnered with Norway’s Basecamp Foundation Chandelao Vikas Sansthan has started a new project where women are trained in maintenance of solar lamps. Basic solar lights are provided for communities for a small fee. Women are then trained in the maintenance of these lamps and paid a small salary. This project is currently on a stand-still and will pick up again as soon as more women are trained.

  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation of the pilot program and do a needs assessment with additional communities to assess the possibility of expanding the project.
  • Assist in the creation of brochures and other promotional materials so information about the project is disseminated to a larger audience.
  • Explore other grassroots organizational partnerships that can be utilized for future collaborative effort.
  • Knowledge of solar electricity projects a plus
  • Ability to adapt to work in rural villages, even in the hot summer months Hindi a major plus.
  • Strong research and networking skills
3. Sustainable Horticulture- Greenhouse

Growing crops year round is something that all people in Rajasthan struggle with due to the lack of rainfall and the extreme heat in the summer months. Due to the climate and weather the harvest is only three months long and only provides desert-grown crops. With the help of experts in Jodhpur, a greenhouse project is starting to take place and will be built in Chandelao village while hiring women from the village to run and sell the produce. This will take time to generate crops and to teach the employees how to use the irrigation system and set up the greenhouse itself.

  • Help write and implement a manual for growing crops in a greenhouse environment and teach others.
  • Building the greenhouse and setting up the irrigation system.
  • Work with the villagers on how to set up their own greenhouses with the materials that they can support.
  • Knowledge in horticulture would be helpful
  • Ability to help with manual labor and building
  • Hindi a major plus.
  • Strong research and networking skills
Program Supervisor (All Programs)

Interns will be supervised by Praduman Singh, a Founding Trustee of Chandelao Vikas Sansthan who is based in Chandelao Village.
Note: Responsibilities offered to each participant will be proportionate to their level of experience. Participants who are new to development work may predominantly support and assist current project agendas, while those with much applicable experience may be able to assume greater responsibility. Research projects are strongly encouraged by this organization to support each program’s objective because minimal resources are currently allocated for research.

Working Conditions

Participants will be working from the offices of Chandelao Garth, a heritage hotel neighboring the Sunder Rang compound in Chandelao village. Participants should bring a laptop since they will have limited access to both a computer and Internet at the office.

Organizational Background

Chandelao Vikas Sansthan, as well as Sunder Rang, were established in 2007.

About Chandelao Vikas Sansthan’s Clients

Chandelao village is situated just 40 kms from Jodhpur city on the edge of the Thar. Chandelao is home to about 1800 people who mainly live on farming and livestock. It is a typical Rajasthani village where you will find Bishnois, Raikas, and other communities.