Location: Udaipur, India Setting: Urban Established: 2001 Staff: 26

Subject Areas:
Youth and Education: Social Leadership, Teaching, Personal and Professional Development
Community Development: Community Empowerment, Building Social Capital, Social Responsibility
Women’s Empowerment: Women’s Business Support, Gender Equity Strategies, Reproductive Rights

Organization Objectives
Jatan Sansthan:

- Encourages young people’s voices in policymaking and programs across the country by increasing youth participation in decision making, molding youth advocates, facilitating their voice at national and international forums, and engaging like–minded organizations to make young people a collective force
- Works for the empowerment of the poor, socially-excluded, vulnerable, and oppressed in order to improve their social, educational, economic, cultural, and health status
- Undertakes programs concerning health issues faced by the community, especially women, children, and adolescents
- Works to improve the condition of women, promote their equality, and develop their ability to earn livelihoods through the creation and operation of women’s groups
- Conducts both national and international research on local issues affecting people’s potential for capacity enhancement

Program Information

Jatan has provided opportunities to young people in the community to design and implement programs based on their health and development needs. Jatan believes that youth development must be addressed in a holistic manner. For this reason, Jatan implements programs that address problems of health (including HIV/AIDS), education, local governance, migration, employment, and reproductive rights, all of which are important concerns for the target group. It works to develop leaders in the youth community. Jatan also works with panchayats and political leaders, health service providers, the media, and community members to create awareness on the health rights of women. Jatan has formed special groups of pregnant women for better provisioning of ante- and post-natal care. Migrant support is a core area of Jatan’s work as well. Jatan operates a resource center to assist with migrant registration and provides a variety of support services.

1. Advocacy for Health of Women and Adolescent Girls
Jatan recognizes the need to improve the health status of women and adolescent girls. It works with panchayats and political leaders, health service providers, the media, and the community to increase awareness on the health rights of women. Jatan has formed special groups of pregnant women for better provisioning of ante- and postnatal care. It has also been given the responsibility for capacity building of ASHA workers. Changing the perception on institutional delivery and improving the access of public health services have been two major achievements in this effort.


  • Conduct reproductive and sexual health knowledge forums
  • Initiate maternal and child health trainings


  • A minimum four month internship
  • Interest in health or women’s issues
  • Background in reproductive or sexual health helpful

2. Migrant Counseling and Assistance
Large numbers of people from the rural areas of South Rajasthan migrate to adjoining states in search of livelihood opportunities. Recognizing this, Jatan established a Migrant Support and Resource Center called Shramik Sahayta Evam Sandarbh Kendra in 2006. At the center, migrants are provided with a photo-identity card, vocational training, placement opportunities, and counseling on legal, health, and career-related issues.


  • Assess occupational health of migrants and determine preventative techniques for their betterment
  • Conduct impact assessments of occupational health trainings and gauge knowledge retention and use


  • A minimum four month internship
  • Willingness to make frequent overnight field visits/live in the field
  • Previous experience working with migrant populations helpful

3. Youth Participation in Governance
Since 2002, Jatan has facilitated the formation and capacity building of youth groups. From 11 groups with 157 members in 2002, to over 40 groups with 600 members in 2008, the participation of young people has grown considerably. Increasing female and youth participation in governance and improving quality of governance is one of the focus areas for Jatan Sansthan.


  • Advocate on behalf of youth
  • Assist with the operation of centers, specifically by ensuring effective vocational training


  • Strong documentation and proposal writing skills
  • Previous volunteerism with youth recommended

Program Supervisor (All Programs)
The supervisor, Dr. Kailash Brijwasi, holds a Masters in Social Work from Rajasthan University and a PhD in Sociology from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University. He has extensive knowledge of social work, considering his previous positions with Vidhya Bhawan Education Center, Centre of Women’s Studies, Lok Jumbish Project, and Seva Mandir. Kailash has a solid understanding of how to work with foreign volunteers, as Jatan has hosted many interns through FSD’s individual sessions as well as through our Global Engage Summer Institute (GESI) group program.

Working Conditions
Jatan has a very small team in Udaipur. Though the office is equipped with computers and has Internet access, a personal laptop is recommended for the bulk of your project work.

Organizational Background
Jatan is a grassroots NGO working with the rural population of the districts of Rajsamand and Udaipur in Rajasthan. Since its inception in 2001, most of its work is focused on improving social and demographic indicators of the population of Railmagra block in Rajsamand. Jatan has special centers focused around young people, as it envisions a society where youth lead a healthy, safe, and empowered life free from all forms of discrimination. In the last eight years, Jatan has also worked on programs for women, children, elected representatives, and marginalized communities in this block. Its scope of association has covered community issues such as health, education, employment, and participation in democratic processes.