How We Work

Founded in 1995, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) reduces global poverty by providing over 300 grassroots community organizations around the world with training and key resources to address pressing socioeconomic issues. Our model incorporates four unique programs that support underserved communities in a collaborative and sustainable manner:

Community Partner Training & Project Support: On-site workshops led by FSD Field Staff train our community partners to create economically and environmentally sustainable programs through community assessments, grant proposal development, project design and management, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation. We also connect our partners to experts and other local resources. Our asset-based approach leverages local resources before looking to external inputs, emphasizes potentials rather than problems, and favors skill building over large financial awards. Learn More»

Grantmaking: FSD's Grantmaking Program supports community-driven projects and training initiatives for our partner organizations in the sectors of Child and Maternal Health, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Environmental Sustainability, Microenterprise, Microfinance, Youth and Education, and Applied Technology. Learn More»

International Development Training Programs: Our Intern Abroad, Pro Corps Volunteering, and Service Learning Training Programs provide students and professionals with intensive training in grassroots sustainable development while also providing human resources and technical support to our partner organizations. Learn More»

Giving Circles: Giving Circles expand the grant fund through promoting more engaged, longer-term philanthropy. Through a series of meetings, Giving Circle members learn about pressing issues and responsible grantmaking, and then decide collectively how they can make the greatest impact with their pooled funds. Learn More»