NGO-Intern Fundraising Causes

FSD Fundraising Causes

FSD proudly supports the work of our community partners around the world. Through special grant funding, our partners learn important skills in project design and management, financial administration, and monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development programs.

Projects that appear on this page have been endorsed by our Site Teams and San Francisco staff to ensure strong community buy-in and participation—integral to every project we undertake. You can be confident your donation support sustainable growth in some of the world's most marginalized communities, giving real help where it is needed most. Please consider making a contribution today!

NGO Fundraising Causes

Casa de la Mujer (Women's House) Sonia Bello | Tola, Rivas, Nicaragua

This project will aim to benefit a group of 11 women from different communities in the department of Rivas to establish a sewing workshop as a way of earning income for their families. The Casa de la Mujer will contribute the use of at least 10 industrial sewing machines and will train the women in business planning and provide on-going technical . . . Read more!