Human Rights Opportunities in Kenya

Kenya's history as an independent nation is mired in major human rights abuses, severe corruption, and widespread illegal expropriation of public lands. The election of Mwai Kibaki in 2002 signaled an end to the oppressive rule of Moi and a positive step in fighting these issues.

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However, the corrupt governmental infrastructure created by Moi is still in place, leaving the country vulnerable to the same criminal patterns by its leaders.

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To address human rights issues throughout Kakamega and Mombasa, FSD combines the efforts of community-based organizations, volunteers, interns, and donors to:

  • Raise social, political, and environmental awareness and fight injustice within marginalized communities, while providing legal counseling to defend and extend citizens' rights.
  • Produce informative publications, and conduct awareness campaigns on issues such as fair trade, political rights, environmental exploitation, and the implementation of alternative social mechanisms to benefit the poor.
  • Educate young women on their rights, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health concerns through direct school visits and participatory educational theater.
  • Provide counseling, tutoring, and recreational activities to primary school children who have been orphaned, generally due to HIV/AIDS, and are at severe risk of dropping out of school.
  • Give psychological treatment and social work services to individuals and families devastated by HIV/AIDS.
  • Provide counseling, nursing, and activities (such as craft and artmaking) at a hospice for elderly and infirmed nuns who have dedicated their lives to serving the local community and have few resources or family to support themselves.

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