About Human Rights

The Foundation for Sustainable Development works in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to protect and promote civil, political, and socioeconomic rights for marginalized people in our partner communities.

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These rights are frequently excluded from underserved communities in the developing world due to race, gender, religion, and—most commonly—the pursuit of economic gain.

We work at the local level with over 50 grassroots organizations dedicated to preventing and ending human rights violations that drastically affect the men, women, and children in their community. Together, we provide a platform for communities and individuals to understand their rights, voice their plight, and take effective action.

Interns, volunteers, and donors work together with FSD to address a wide spectrum of rights issues that cause and exacerbate poverty. These include: direct legal counseling; intra-familial violence prevention; publications and advocacy campaigns; conflict resolution; rights education workshops; child labor prevention; migratory labor protection; and many more.

Human rights issues most commonly addressed by FSD vary from country to country. Read about our Community Partners to learn more about Human Rights programs and opportunities in the field with FSD.

For a description of opportunities to work with FSD in Human Rights development, click on the links below: