About Environmental Sustainability

The exploitation and destruction of natural resources poses an enormous threat to developing nations. Overpopulation, waterborne diseases, air pollution, toxic chemicals, soil erosion, and unsustainable use of resources are prominent global issues.

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Yet these problems most severely affect developing nations who depend on natural surroundings for their survival.

According to the World Bank, three million people die prematurely from waterborne diseases each year—more than 700,000 children under the age of 5 die from diarrhea in India alone. Another three million people die each year from exposure to indoor cooking stove smoke and urban air pollution.

The scale and extent of environmental degradation, coupled with the lack of attention it receives in development planning, make it a primary issue that FSD works to address. We partner with over 50 community-based organizations that work at the local level to integrate environmental solutions. By reconstructing economic practices to meet the natural order of the earth's rules and limitations, we are able to live in a sustainable relationship to our environment.

FSD supports a diverse group of topics related to environmental development. Examples include organic agriculture, sustainable water management, forest regeneration, biodiversity, renewable technology, and advocacy. Essential to our work is empowering local communities to understand the environmental threats that affect them and to place prominent values on sustainable resource management.

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