About Applied Technology

Each of the seven subjects that the Foundation for Sustainable Development supports involves the development of marginalized communities toward a social, educational, and economically sustainable future. These development subjects overlap with each other to provide a holistic web of capacity and resources that address local needs in a sustainable manner. Critical to the success of our work is community awareness, involvement, and ownership.

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In order to cultivate community participation, FSD supports initiatives that gather people together to build cohesion and retain local values that are constantly threatened by globalization. By strengthening community interaction, we increase awareness of the development solutions being implemented by FSD and our partner organizations. Most importantly, however, we foster the belief that change is possible. Once this belief is in place, individuals are drawn to participating in solutions that transform their communities.

FSD works with local organizations that understand how to catalyze individuals toward community participation. The community development work we support varies greatly by region. Frequent topics we address involve: creating and supporting community resource centers; establishing peer education networks to distribute information and resources; constructing housing, water systems, roads, and other infrastructure; providing workshops in carpentry, adult literacy; computer skills, HIV/AIDS awareness, etc.; creating focus groups to discuss community issues and social stigmas; and more.

Read about our Community Partners to learn more about Applied Technology programs and opportunities in the field with FSD.

Interns, volunteers, and donors work with FSD to provide the resources and tools necessary to build community cohesion and participation.

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