Capacity Building

FSD Site Teams support partners in a variety of ways to ensure long-term development in the communities that we work. Beyond grantmaking and volunteer support, we provide key training to our organizational partners in proven, community-based approaches to sustainable development as well as in general organizational development.

Capacity building areas in which FSD provides training include:

  • Asset Based Community Development tools such as Asset Mapping and Capacity Inventories
  • Sustainable Project Design and Management
  • Technical training in specific development topics (e.g. sustainable agriculture, appropriate technology, microenterprise)
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Community-Based Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Intern/Volunteer Management
  • Financial Administration
  • Strategic Planning

FSD Site Offices are becoming local Resource Centers in community-based development, providing project examples and materials, technical workshops and resources, and even Internet access to our grassroots partners.

FSD Site Teams also support organizations on a one-on–one basis. Our local staff mentor partners to help improve their governance structure and financial systems, to provide staff professional development like computer training, to navigate non-profit regulations to ensure compliance with national and local laws, and to strengthen their outreach and advocacy efforts.

By supporting the FSD Grant Fund, you can help our partners to strengthen and grow as organizations, thereby expanding what they can do for the communities they serve. Learn More»