Cause Sponsorships

Ensure maximum impact and sustainability by partnering with FSD.

With ten sites worldwide, a wide range of development sectors, and a passionate and experienced staff, FSD is committed to making sustainable differences globally.

Through cause sponsorship, your company highlights the sector most relevant to your CSR model and goals. FSD matches your company with a local organization and project for an ideal partnership. Our asset-based community development model optimizes your contribution and helps ensure the sustainability of the program your generosity supports.

Cause Sponsorship can range from funding a maternal health workshop at an under-resourced hospital in Kakamenga, Kenya to sending students in your company’s hometown abroad. Through this branch of CSR outreach, your company is able to better the global community through specific cause funding, in sectors directly related to your business model.

Click here to see the wide range of community-based organizations that we have partnered with around the world.

Start your path to progess, contact Jordan Luftig at to learn more out potential CSR partnerships.