Environmental Sustainability Opportunities in Nicaragua

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As both the largest country in Central America and the least populated, Nicaragua has the opportunity to enforce environmental protection laws and conserve a relatively large amount of natural resources. However, a variety of forces are driving deforestation and rapidly increasing pollution.

The conversion of forests to agricultural land (for commercial agriculture and cattle

pastures) and substantial logging with little or no government regulation are having a severe environmental impact.

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In response to a variety of environmental issues, interns, volunteers, and donors work with FSD partner organizations to:

  • Develop sustainable agriculture programs, such as the conservation and recovery of soil and water, use of natural insecticides, crop diversification, and reforestation efforts.
  • Assist farmers who are making the transition from using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to organic, sustainable agriculture.
  • Provide farmers with microcredit opportunities and training on how to efficiently apply funds to the growth of their operations.
  • Train youth on organic, sustainable farming practices by making use of school farms for project work.
  • Teach children and adolescents environmental education courses that discuss a variety of topics including pollution, water use, and deforestation.
  • Provide community workshops on topics such as natural medicine, preventive health, agricultural management, organic agriculture, and community participation
  • Support a pharmacy that distributes organic herbal medicines and medicinal plants.

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