Microfinance & Microenterprise Opportunities in Bolivia

A drop in export prices, reduction of informal trade, and climate change have deeply affected the Bolivian economy in recent years. The outcome left the richest 10 percent of the Bolivian population earning 25 times more than the poorest 40 percent. Without education or access to financial services, the disparity between the rich and poor is not easily changed. Regulated institutions find it difficult to offer financial services in the Cochabamba area due to the high costs involved. However, community-based organizations have a better capacity to offer small microfinance & microenterprise services to struggling entrepreneurs that are in critical need of support.

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FSD supports a variety of local organizations to provide training and financial services for marginalized communities. Working with interns, volunteers, and donors, FSD development programs work to:

  • Allocate loan funds and help organize financial records for women micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Provide credit counseling and strategic enterprise solutions for small business owners, while supporting international fundraising efforts to grow microcredit and business development programs.
  • Evaluate newly implemented capacity-building programs to assess contribution to women's overall empowerment.
  • Disburse loans to new communities for the building of water systems, while implementing workshops that train community representatives in the effective use of these loans.
  • Support negotiations on behalf of farmers for the prices of animal feed, milk, oats, alfalfa, soy, corn, and medicinal plants.
  • Research reasons why women micro-entrepreneurs fail to repay loans on time and/or drop out of an organization's lending program before completion.
  • Conduct impact assessments that look at the levels of improvement, lack of change, or digression of microenterprises aided by microcredit programs.
  • Increase export markets and general sales for a wide variety of locally produced goods.
  • Build websites and design marketing materials for small businesses.
  • Develop video and printed materials for the training of marginalized women so that they may successfully start and manage small businesses.

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