Stretching over almost 3500km, Argentina encompasses a stunning range of geography and climates. Despites its natural resources and overall wealth, though, Argentina is a nation struggling to rectify the depression caused by the 2001 economic crisis, the impact of the thousands who "disappeared" during the violent military dictatorship of the 1970's, and the disparities between indigenous groups and Spanish descendants.

Following the economic crash, one of the largest in modern world history, more than 50 percent of the population fell below the poverty line, creating a host of development challenges that FSD and its partner organizations address.

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The city of Salta, with 600,000 inhabitants, is located within the Salta Province in Northwest Argentina. Salta features colonial architecture and beautiful mountain scenery which give it its nickname, “Salta la Linda.” Although the city may be the most Spanish-looking in Argentina, its blend of Spanish and Mestizo traditions lend the city a distinctive identity, different from the European-like metropolises in the Buenos Aires Province. But the region faces many challenges including poverty, child labor, and a lack of employment opportunities, educational resources, and adequate nutrition.

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FSD invests in Argentine grassroots partners who are working on the frontlines 365 days a year to end the cycle of poverty in their communities. We provide our partners with grants and key training to ensure their goals are practical, sustainable, and minimize external aid dependency.

We also work with students, professionals, and donors from the US and other western nations to share knowledge on ethical approaches to international development, which respect and preserve the voice, knowledge, and culture of the communities we serve.