FSD works with more than 300 community partners and supports more than 200 projects and initiatives in 10 cities, 6 countries, and 3 continents around the world.

Sonia del Socorro Lovo

Centro de Educación y Capacitación Integral Hermana Maura Clarke (CECIM) | Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

We have been impacted by FSD´s support in two ways. The grants have been a central part of our social development programs in the Ciudad Sandino Community. They have helped to alleviate poverty and in the social and economic empowerment of women. For CECIM, this support has had a positive impact at the organization level, transcending to many women who were not before included in our program. The second way that we have been impacted by FSD´s support is in the knowledge transfer that we have gained from our interns.

Leonardo Martinez

Association for Equitable Economic Development (ALTERNATIVA) | Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

The support of FSD has contributed to the construction of a limited vision in microcredit. With the help of FSD, Alternativa has focused on local development with a smaller focus on strategic social investment.

Gina Carranza

Centro de Salud Jinotepe | Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

FSD´s support has allowed us to develop projects that have helped us work with vulnerable populations and has allowed us to give these projects continuance and sustainability. Project examples include the prevention of diabetes, working with midwives, and working with pregnant women.

Lic. Karla Patricia Medrano Dávila

Fundación FENIX | Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

We have strengthened and amplified our programs with the support of FSD. We have created new programs and have strengthened our sustainability such that each grant always involves a sustainable aspect. We have impacted the community with the amplification of our program offerings and also with the increased base of beneficiaries in our diverse programs.

George Agarn

Hatua Likoni | Mombasa, Kenya

FSD helped in harmonizing staff management roles and created a Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism that enabled us to underscore our focus.

Rosa Alpina Prudente

Instituto Las Salinas | Tola, Nicaragua

We've had a lot of support, especially in the environmental sector because training allowed us to go beyond expectations. The educational programs were useful in proposing different solutions to the community. With the internship program, we have achieved large-scale exchange among foreigners, teachers, students and the community.

Martha Alicia Romero Gordian

Puesto de Salud Las Salinas | Tola, Nicaragua

Interns and subsidies are important, as they support and improve the organization. FSD has had a major impact by coordinating projects that meet our organization’s goals. FSD is always open to hear proposals and provide alternative ideas to move forward.

Araceli del Carmen Bonilla Hernandez and Anairis Jesca Hernandez

Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples | Tola, Nicaragua

FSD has helped us to rescue our rights, values, and self esteem as women. Their training has opened the doors for female entrepreneurs to have a better future today. Thanks to our FSD family, we own and facilitate our own cooperative. FSD has listened to our needs and proposals and fulfilled our expectations.

Rocio Soliz

Centro de Capacitación y Asesoramiento Multidiciplinario (CECAM) | Cochabamba, Bolivia

The impact is positive from every point of view. The work of volunteers helps our small organization, as any additional help strengthens our work every day. We have worked with various groups, and what FSD does is different. We like their methodology and the fact that they monitor volunteers constantly. Whenever we have FSD volunteer participation in community work, the overall impact is positive.

Himalaya ji and Anindita

Institute of Local Self Governance | Udaipur, India

Our organization got new ideas. For example, we used to meet the community at a particular place to discuss a particular issue. Then the interns gave us the idea that we could communicate our ideas by meeting with just one or more people at any shop or place. Moreover, through the interns’ studies, we came to know how to improve the flow of information and resources between the local village government and rural self-help groups.

Cynthia Ipali

WEAEP | Kakamega, Kenya

By FSD interns engaging with the groups the organization supports, it helped improve the quality of work the other staff were providing and also brought in an aspect of new ideas coming in which improved group engagement. The trainings offered to the community members helped improve participants skills as well as knowledge in various economic aspects that contributed to improved living standards e.g. aspects to do with business and agriculture which is a source of income to the members.

Lokesh Kalal

Alfa Education Society | Udaipur, India

 FSD has helped us make strategies, planning and with implementation of our projects. We have learned more about how to organize at the ground level and how to mobilize stakeholders. We know more how to use local resources and have received training about how to create partnerships.

Mulindwa Robinson

TASO (The AIDS Support Organization) | Jinja, Uganda

FSD extended TASO's capacity to support more clients in Income Generating Activities, empowered TASO clients in various skills such as proposal writing, sanitation nutrition and hygiene. They also introduced new and unique projects amongst TASO clients such as mushroom growing, soap making and bakery and cookery skills, and created advocates for the organization internationally especially when interns go back to their home countries.

Irene Kaawe

UDHA (Uganda Development and Health Associates) | Jinja, Uganda

FSD supported our work through resource mobilization, seed grants, and has instilled the concept of implementing sustainable projects which we currently look at as being very important any development programs. They provided continuous supervision and support that has contributed to quality improvement and management. The capacity of the organization had greatly improved through interns placed at organization with different skills transfer.

Ephel Neema

Mahiakalo Child Development Center | Kakamega, Kenya

Through FSD support, we have realized the need to encourage parents to be learn how to generate their own income without having to rely on hand outs. This was achieved through the exemplary workshops/trainings on various income generating activities. It is from such activities that our parents have been able to submit their monthly parents’ contributions and provide basic needs to their families. As a result the organization has been able to implement some activities which rely on parents contributions.

Nina Nankya

Step Up | Masaka, Uganda

FSD impacted the behavioral change, talent development, and skills of Step Up. It also enabled public activity in music, developed confidence and developed relations with other organisations.

Victor Tissera

Changuito Dios | Salta, Argentina

FSD has helped our organization through the contribution of material and human resources, as they sent us interns who provided their support in various activities carried out in the institution and supported educational activities. Our organization also received a mini grant which allowed to conduct training on pedagogical tools to educate mothers who act as teachers and are responsible for rooms.