FSD Program Site: Masaka            Organization Location: Masaka, Uganda

The mission of St. Jude Family Projects (of the Rural Training Center for Sustainable Integrated Organic Agriculture) is to provide trainings and inspiring demonstrations on integrated organic agriculture.

Organization Overview

St. Jude Family Projects are a vibrant and innovation in response to the need for sustainable livelihoods for small-scale farmers in Uganda. A self-sustaining integrated organic farm and bio-fueled home has turned into a demonstration that has inspired thousands of visitors and is now a Ugandan NGO. The Kizza Family established St. Jude in 1994 after introducing integrated organic farming courses to community members. It has since grown simply through word-of-mouth. In 15 years of operation, St, Jude training center has had a strong impact on rural farming in the area. It has also sparked over 1,000 marginalized individuals to join self-help groups to learn these farming methods and strengthen their agricultural endeavors.


St. Jude’s primary program is focused o sustainable integrated organic agriculture projects, which include training as well as over 15 demonstration projects, that include plantations, orchards, appropriate technology, water harvesting, fish farming, and more.