FSD Program Site: Cochabamba, Bolivia            Organization Location: Cochabama
Organization Overview

Gaia Pacha (GP) is a nonprofit foundation focusing on environmental issues and aiming to create and implement proposals for technical and scientific behavioral changes that promote the creation and reconstruction of human consciousness in relation to the environment, without ignoring the reality and situation of Bolivia.


Gaia Pacha´s activities are organized around the following three program areas: research and technology; education; environmental politics, protection and conservation. Their work involves intensive research on environmental issues in the Cochabamba region in order to promote technical and scientific strategies that respond to the needs of the local community and value traditional knowledge and socio-cultural concerns. The Foundation´s educational model is dynamic and participatory, seeking to engage citizens, and specifically children and youth. In addition to research and education, Gaia Pacha also runs an ecological farm, the Granja Ecológica Polen, which produces organic produce and dairy products.

Additional Information
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