FSD Program Site: India            Organization Location: Chandelao, Jodhpur, India

Seeks to empower the women in Chandelao village, Rajasthan and create a sustainable source of income by promoting and maintaining knowledge about local arts and crafts.

Organization Overview

Chandelao Vikas Sansthan works with women in their center, producing traditional Rajasthani textiles and handicrafts items for both local and export markets. They also work with women in a solar electricity venture, training women in the maintenance of solar lamps that are then sold and maintained by the trained women. Finally, they fun a greenhouse project to grow and sell produce.


Chandelao Vikas Sansthan’s programs are threefold. Sunder Rang is a community development project focusing on providing specific training, capacity building and local jobs linked with arts and crafts, preferably for women and youth in the village. By helping the artists with marketing and sales, Sunder Rang has raised awareness within the local community of the advantages of cultivating and developing traditional skills and practices. They also provide training and practical support for women who want to maintain their own small businesses, providing hands on experience.