FSD Program Site: Masaka            Organization Location: Masaka, Uganda

TASO strives to improve the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS as part of the larger effort to address the world’s AIDS pandemic. It promotes prevention, hope restoration, and general support physically and emotionally to its clients.

Organization Overview

TASO Masaka was started in 1998, initially with very few clients. As of 2008, its clientele has increased to several thousand people, indicating that the HIV/AIDS community is willingly seeking services in counseling, medical treatment, and social support. Today, TASO is the largest indigenous NGO providing HIV/AIDS services in Uganda. TASO’s values include the obligation to support people infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS; equal rights, shared responsibility, and equal opportunities; integrity; family spirit; and the promotion of human dignity.


TASO runs programs surrounding counseling services, counselor training, health clinic and home-based care, childcare center, social support, sustainable livelihoods and agriculture skill building.