FSD Program Site: Masaka           Organization Location: Masaka, Uganda

MVRC’s moto is “Ability from disability” and aims to assist mentally and physically handicapped youths to learn a vocational skill so that they may be able to support themselves economically. Its mission is to promote the economic and social integration of young people with disabilities.

Organization Overview

MVRC opened in 2000 and has educated hundreds of youth to help them integrate into society and support themselves. Many of the graduates now own businesses across the region. Often, children who are handicapped are not provided the same opportunities as their peers nor entered into school. MVRC management goes directly into rural areas to find youth who are either being withheld from living a full life or have not been given opportunities that the Centre can provide to them.


Through programs targeting youth development and education, community development and the environment, MVRC helps mentally and physically handicapped youths to learn certain skills to help them economically support themselves.