FSD Program Site: Masaka           Organization Location: Nyendo, Uganda

MAMIDECOT is an organization created for the people of Masaka who are freely willing to work together to save and borrow for development; promote accountability, trust, and unity; and encourage hard work among members.

Organization Overview

In 1999, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in coordination with the Government of Uganda (GoU) assisted in the financing and launching of Masaka Microfinance, to support the people of Masaka District. Beginning as an organization consisting of two staff and 35 members, Masaka Microfinance has now grown to employ 20 staff, working and several thousand members, with branches to expand MAMIDECOT’s reach. The organization has a wide array of clients ranging from farmers, small business owners and youths with services that target their specific needs. Loans are structured for the different sectors Masaka Microfinance’s client work in and savings are promoted as the key to development.


MAMIDECOT runs programs surrounding savings and financial management, loans for small businesses and families, and business development training.