FSD Program Site: Masaka           Organization Location: Masaka, Uganda

Kitovu Mobile aims to create an empowered community with the ability to cope with HIV/AIDS and its impact. To improve the quality of life of people affected by HIV and AIDS, Kitovu Mobile works with communities in the areas of prevention, care, support and capacity building.

Organization Overview

Kitovu Mobile began in 1987 in response to the overwhelming impact of HIV/AIDS in Masaka and Rakai districts. The organization was founded by Ursula Sharpe, a medical missionary working in the area. Initially the main purpose of Kitovu Mobile was to care for people with HIV and AIDS and conduct preventative education. Today its operations have expanded to include the communities affected by the disease not only the patients themselves. At this point Kitovu Mobile cares for over 4000 people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs) as well as training 2000 disadvantaged youth in modern sustainable agriculture to ensure they have a source of income.


Kitovu Mobile runs three specific programs. Firstly, its HIV/AIDS program provides anti-retroviral therapy (ART), palliative care and medical treatment for opportunistic infections in their 121 centers as well as providing community education surrounding HIV/AIDS. Secondly, it is involved in their communities by establishing Self Help Groups (SHG) and Mobile Young Farmers Groups (MYFG) to raise awareness. Thirdly, Kitovu Mobile aims to help children who are affected by HIV/AIDS through financial assistance for school and conducting home-based visits.

Additional Information

Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization Website