FSD Program Site: Salta            Organization Location: Salta, Argentina
Organization Overview

Fundacion Revivir attends to the detoxification, rehabilitation, and social reinsertion of people with severe drug addictions within the city of Salta. Revivir utilizes a socio-educational therapeutic model with an integrated ambulatory care, and focuses on the support and inclusion of the patient’s family within the process. Revivir was founded in 2006, to provide addiction assistance not only through preventative education but also with direct in and outpatient services. It was not until 2009 however, that Revivir was able to move into a space that could accommodate inpatient services, such as their current day hospital, and obtain a small subsidy, which pays for the services of the hospital as well as an honorary fee to the specialists who donate their time. Revivir has begun a catering service to generate funds for the foundation and to teach the in-patients a skill for future social and labor force reinsertion. They are currently expanding their kitchen and storage areas to accommodate the growing demand for the service.


Revivir is a rehabilitation center, which runs in-patient rehabilitation and out-patient consulting services 7 days a week for persons of Salta with sever drug addictions. The in-patient program is run from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night, and includes:

  • Therapy: provide group, individual, family and reflections.
  • Creation of social ties, assistance in social reinsertion, by means of job skills training and capacity building workshops.
  • Educational opportunities, encouraging participants to finish school,depending on each individual case.