Salta, Argentina

     Paths to Progress:  Lo que está pasando en Salta

Community Partner Highlights

environment_0.gifAmigos del Árbol develops different socio-environmental projects in rural and urban areas, with intervention activities and educational techniques aiming at preserving, enhancing and promoting respect and knowledge of our natural resources.

enterprise.gifManos Abiertas assists members of the community in situations of poverty, illness, and hardship. Through various programs they work to re-integrate and dignify this population, providing job training, shelter, education, and health care.

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An introduction to Salta, la Linda


The city of Salta (the capital of Salta Province) is located in Northwest Argentina, in the Lerma Valley surrounded by the Andes Foothills. Known as "Salta the Beautiful," the city features a picturesque combination of Spanish colonial architecture and mountain scenery. Culturally, Salta’s blend of Spanish and Mestizo traditions lend the city a distinctive identity, different from the European-like metropolises in the Buenos Aires Province. Yet, the region faces many challenges including child labor, unemployment, malnutrition, and insufficient educational opportunities. Our community partners support the local economy by boosting agricultural profits, promoting traditional arts, teaching small business skills, and addressing social problems for youth development.


Salta Province

    Population:  est. 600,000

    Avg. temperature:  Low 52ºF / High 75ºF

    Local time: 

    Local language:  Spanish

Amigos Del Arbol.jpg

Organization: Amigos del Árbol
Topic: Environmental Sustainability
Intern: Ashley Wong

Amigos del Árbol spearheads environmental education and research-based ventures. Intern Ashley Wong worked on their “Semana del Árbol (SMA)”, a campaign with the purpose of restoring ties with the natural environment through the symbolic and practical act of planting trees. Ashley strove to increase citizen participation and amplify SMA’s social impact.

Fundacion Revivir.jpg

Organization: Fundacion Revivir
Topic: Health
Intern: Jason Pedowitz

Fundacion Revivir is a non-profit institution for men seeking treatment for drug abuse and addiction. Fundacion Revivir provides capacity-building workshops and job skills training. Intern Jason Pedowitz supported the carpentry program, which facilitates the patients’ recovery and provides income generating opportunities for the patients after treatment.

Angelica Ortega, Program Director


Angelica was born in Jujuy province in northern Argentina. In university, she studied project management, local community development, and corporate social responsibility. She has 14+ years of experience with NGOs, and has completed a wide range of social projects. She was drawn to FSD because she identifies with FSD’s requirements for community involvement and buy-in for the projects we support. She loves how FSD works as a catalyst for grown, and loves that we work in Salta!

A day in the life of an FSD Intern

Inspiration in Argentina

Kristin Froehle partnered with Fundación ANPUY, an organization that works to create educational opportunities for children in Salta.

It has been nearly three months since my return to the United States from Salta, Argentina, yet I remember my last day as if it were yesterday. Memories of that last day with the children I came to know and love still warm my heart these past few weeks. It's sad to know how far apart we are now, but the goodbye still hangs in my mouth.

Salta Children.jpg
In working at ANPUY for the summer of 2012, I have come to respect the cause, but it's more than that. Somewhere along the way, the children and the directors there captured my heart. The mark they will leave on the world is a mark that I am--quite frankly--jealous of. Their mark on the world is making a difference, doing something big. Inspiring change. I hope that this is not the only time I brush up against great people doing wonderful things. I doubt it will be, but all the same it was difficult to part with such a just cause.

I worked as a volunteer from the Foundation for Sustainable Development. That organization is all about making a difference, and ensuring that the difference you make will carry on after you leave. I spent nine weeks attempting to affect change that would still be valuable to the individuals there after I left. That would carry on without me.

I said a quick goodbye today. There wasn’t any fanfare or last photos, though those have come over the past few months, as the organization has kept me updated about the goings on of ANPUY beyond my time there. In the moment, though, I just said "see you later," like I did to the kids every week.

And the kids there don't need me. They are strong. They are competent. They are capable. There is no doubt in my mind that I needed them more than they needed me. They are going to turn out great. I just know it. I live in a world and country where the future of our country is by no means guaranteed. We talk a lot about what will come, and many have little faith in the world as a whole. But my heart is overflowing with hope for these children. The love they gave me over that summer has given me faith that they will attain better lives. I'm glad to have helped a little along the way, but they are the ones doing the incredible. So I disappeared onto the sidelines, knowing that my love for that short time was more than enough, and that the love they gave me will sustain me for quite some time.