ProCorps Volunteer Application

If you are looking for the Intern Abroad application, please click here.

We will contact you with information about the status of your application within 2 weeks of submitting this form. If accepted, a $300 nonrefundable confirmation deposit will be due within one week to reserve your field placement.

Before you begin, please read the following instructions carefully. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (415) 283-4873, ext 205. You can also send us an email at Thank you for your interest in FSD. We look forward to reviewing your application!

You will need the following to complete this application:

  • Email account: University and work email accounts will sometimes not allow large attachments, so please use a free, web-based email account (i.e. gmail, hotmail) for all FSD correspondence.

  • Skype ID: As part of the application process, the Site Team in your host country will conduct a personal interview using Skype. If you don't have a Skype account you can sign up for one for free at

  • Passport: If you do not currently have a passport you may still apply for our program. Please be sure to submit a passport application as soon as possible—at least 10 weeks prior to travel to allow for processing and visa application time—and submit your passport number to FSD when you receive it.

  • Plain text resume: After you submit your application your resume will be exported to our database, so please submit it in a style that is readable when it's left-aligned. If you are applying to one of our Latin America programs you must submit your resume in Spanish.

*In the first application field, please indicate the specific project opening(s) to which you are applying. Click here for a complete list of current openings.*

1. Project & Contact Information

No school or work accounts as they often don't allow the sending of large attachments. Please use a free web-based service (i.e. gmail, hotmail) for FSD correspondance.
For non-US numbers, please include country code and full phone number.

2. Current Address

3. Personal Information


4. How Did You Hear About FSD?

5. Education



Other Education

6. Language Skills

7. Experience

8. Emergency Information

To ensure that the Foundation for Sustainable Development is able to protect the health and safety of its interns and volunteers overseas, FSD requires that an applicant have the physical and mental capacity, with or without a medical accommodation, to perform the essential functions of an intern for the full length of commitment without unreasonable disruption due to health problems. Because of the nature of the countries in which FSD serves, the scope of medical care available in those countries, and the conditions under which interns live and work, FSD may not be able to accommodate certain medical or psychiatric conditions.

Primary Emergency Contact

Secondary Emergency Contact