Funding your FSD Experience

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Funding your FSD experience

Fundraising and grant seeking have helped hundreds of individuals gain the funds to do an FSD Program. We encourage you to review our Fundraising Guide as well as our Grant, Fellowship, and Scholarship database for ideas and resources that will help you to make the FSD Program possible.

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Learn an innovative and out-of-the-box approach to
make your fundraising a success.

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Click to browse through an extensive list of grant,
fellowship & scholarship opportunities.

Fund My Fund My Travel makes it easy to start a campaign, collect funds, and jump-start your FSD experience. Check out to learn more and get started.

FSD Funding Opportunities:

Referral Discount: Double your impact and receive a $500 DISCOUNT on your program fee if you are confirmed for our Intern Abroad program, by referring a friend to our International Intern Abroad program who is also confirmed.

Graduate Public Health Students: Fore more information on applying for the $3,000 Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship, click here.