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It is people like you who make collective change feel more possible than ever before. With the support of individual donors, FSD has advanced the efforts of more than 300 NGOs around the world to expand human rights and meet basic needs in their communities. These efforts have empowered more than 100,000 people to make choices that improve their lives. Your donations support community-based projects like yours!

Meet Saywa and Illa, two women who have built a better life for themselves and their families because of the support of alumni like you:

Saywa and her daughter Illa live in Santa Barbara, a community built on the steep and dusty slopes outside of Cochabamba, Bolvia. FSD funded a community-led initiative that brought clean water to this rural community. Saywa, Illa and the rest of the women in their small business cooperative report better health for themselves and their children. Better health has led to increased attendance at finance and business trainings, which in turn has transformed Saywa and Illa’s struggling cooperative into a thriving microenterprise generating sustainable income and even opening its doors to more women in the Santa Barbara community. Now that’s something to smile about!