Alumni Giving Circles


Looking for a way to reconnect with your host community?

Host an Alumni Giving Circle and extend your unique insight and support of FSD’s NGO partners by making grants to sponsor their community driven projects. Immersing your friends, family and coworkers in sustainable development is easy, just:

1. Form a group of people with a passion for engaged philanthropy
2. Learn about the development issues facing your host community through curriculum and speakers
3. Review grant proposals from our NGO partners
4. Decide how to make the greatest impact with your pooled funds

Being engaged in the decision making process of where and how your donations are spent allows for a deeper and more impactful giving experience.

Together with 12 of his friends and colleagues, Kenya alum, Andrew Noh, formed a Giving Circle that collectively raised $5,700 to review 6 and in the end fund 3 community driven development projects submitted by our NGO partners in Jinja and Masaka, Uganda.

For more information CLICK HERE, or to host your own Giving Circle, please contact:

Ashley Walton
Grants and Giving Circles Coordinator
415.283.4873 x13