The Foundation for Sustainable Development’s financial statements were independently audited by the accounting firm of Regalia and Associates and received an unqualified audit opinion as to their fair presentation in conformity with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles. A complete set of audited financial statements is available upon request.

FSD is a not-for-profit charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. Our Tax ID Number is: 56-1938284.
We are a non-endowed foundation and rely on the annual support of generous individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Downloadable PDF's of our 990 forms: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

An extremely important facet to our approach is our financial model. Unlike many nonprofit organizations, FSD has diversified its revenue streams to firmly anchor our mission, while ensuring financial stability. We are very proud to say that 100 percent of all donations and grants given to our foundation go directly to the community-driven projects we support in the field. In essence, all donated resources go to people who need them most.

By keeping our operating expenses extremely low, the cost of providing year-round training, resources, and information sharing to our partner organizations is entirely paid for by the revenue received through our intern and volunteer programs. Program fees play a vital role in delivering necessary economic resources to the communities we support. They act as direct contributions toward: funding new projects, purchasing supplies and equipment for host organizations, paying salaries of FSD staff members, and bringing income to local host families.

Program participants work directly with our in-country staffs and partner organizations to collaboratively implement community-driven projects that make use of our grant funds. This process involves participants writing grant proposals to FSD, a task they are first trained to accomplish. Strong proposals that reflect community participation, ownership, and sustainable outcomes are funded and the resources are then managed by our staff, the participant, and the organization. Similarly, our community partners are able to write grant proposals directly to FSD. The projects and initiatives we fund are then administered and evaluated by our site teams.

This efficient use of grant funds and program fees allows FSD to channel the maximum amount of capable resources to the communities we support, while incorporating a system of checks and balances to ensure proper resource usage of funds.

In essence, the FSD model is a bridge between the needs of donors, interns, volunteers, and the communities we support. Interns and volunteers seek cultural immersion, development training, project management experience, and exposure to relationships and professional opportunities. The demand to satisfy these needs fund the administration of our organization, while providing our partner organizations with innovation, capacity, and support. This stream of income allows FSD to use all donor funds to financially provide for the needs of our partner organizations and the communities they serve. This provides an attractive incentive to donors who recognized that by investing in FSD, their resources will achieve their intended impact.

Since FSD does not rely on grants to run our organization, we truly represent a financially sustainable approach to development that skillfully connects global needs for the purpose of poverty reduction. We are very proud of our model and the inherent cultural, philosophical, practical, and financial wisdom it reflects.