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Position Description: International Program Coordinator - Udaipur, India

Basic Function of the Position:

The International Program Coordinator (IPC), under the supervision of the Program Director (PD) of the country program Site Team and with guidance from the International Programs Officer (IPO) and Team (IPT) members in the San Francisco Office (SFO), provides necessary support to ensure the development of FSD volunteers, support to host organizations and host families and support to FSD’s Programs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

A. Volunteer Support (approximately 40% LOE)

• Participate in placement activities, matching volunteer skills and interests with community and partner organization priorities.

• Assist volunteers in improving their skills development, project development, social and cultural adaptation through the provision of technical support, cultural insights,and direction to relevant and available resources.

• Travel regularly and extensively throughout the program area to support volunteers at their sites and in their home stays.

• Assess and address issues of communication and work relationships between host organizations and interns to facilitate development of community-driven projects and successful completion of program plans with mutual satisfaction of the intern and host organization.

• With the Site Team, identify, maintain and distribute, as appropriate, relevant educational information and materials to volunteers through orientations, workshops, weekly talks and other appropriate avenues.

• Be thoroughly versed in FSD policy and procedures and communicate and enforce policies accurately to volunteers, partner organizations, and host families.

• With Site Team and in coordination with PD, promptly support safety and security procedures and documentation.

• Document and maintain updates of all participant activities for SFO.

B. Administrative Support (approximately 25% LOE)

• Assist with and maintain Program records and files, and perform routine administrative tasks.

• Contribute to Site Team routine communications to SFO on details of the Program

• Assist in the collection and analysis of data on Intern, Host Family, and Host Organization performance, and in the preparation of reports on Program development activities.

• In coordination with the PD, review Program related correspondence and ensure interested parties are kept informed.

•Provide translation support when necessary.

C.Project Planning and Support (approximately 15% LOE)

• In conjunction with the PD, develop internship and home stay opportunities following the established requirements for internship sites, housing and safety.

• Assist the PD in maintaining communication with organizations and institutions working in the field of community-based, locally-oriented, sustainable development.

• Provide support to PD in the development of community-based organizations, including supporting capacity building activities for local NGOs.

• Assist in preparation of program documentation, including: Host Organization Profiles; Pre-Departure Country Packet; Program Proposals; Program Guides;Internship Project Plan; Bi-Weekly Monday Reports to the SFO; Program Evaluations and Reports; Grant Project Evaluation and Follow Up Reports; and information on the Program for potential applicants.

D. Training (approximately 15% LOE)

• Support the development and implementation of high-quality, technical trainings for volunteers, partner organizations and host families. Trainings include, but are not limited to: strategies for cross-cultural integration, FSD program requirements, project development and management, and grant writing.

• Participate in the evaluation of each volunteer, host family and host organization as well as the assessment of the training design, and recommend improvements.

• As instructed by PD, support volunteers in the development of competitive grant proposals submitted to SFO.

E. Other Duties and Activities (5% LOE)

• Perform other related duties as assigned by the Program Director or International Programs Officer.

• Provide relevant feedback to SFO for programs strengthening.

Expected Outcomes:

•FSD is represented in program site locations as a technically sound, operationally efficient, professional community-based development program that brings added value to program partners and communities.

• Volunteers are supported in development of technical skills for supporting community-driven sustainable projects.

• Volunteers are provided with forums for education, knowledge exchange and reflection.

• Program documentation is well organized and maintained.

• Volunteers have viable, practicable assignments that are aligned with volunteer objectives and competency, host organization’s capacity and priorities, and the community needs and resources.

• Trainings address volunteer, partner organization and host family needs and prepare them for successful internships and family home stays. Trainings set realistic expectations, provide accurate information in a timely manner and enable volunteers with strategies and tools to manage challenges and achieve program objectives.

• Safety and security issues are addressed in a timely manner, documented and communicated to SFO.

• New partners are thoroughly prepared for work with FSD Interns and Volunteers, meeting FSD internship site, housing, and safety requirements.

• Good working relations are developed with sponsoring organizations, institutions, host families, and communities.

• All FSD policies and procedures are implemented and reinforced.

Supervision and Guidance:

The International Program Coordinator functions under the direct supervision of the Program Director and in coordination with the International Programs Officer and Executive Director.The International Program Coordinator performs many of the designated job functions with general independence. Performance Planning and Reviews will be conducted to assist in successfully meeting the objectives set out in this Position Description. Evaluation of the position will be provided on an annual basis.

Desired Qualifications:

• Education: A university degree in International Development, International/Regional
Studies, Business or related field.

• Prior Experience: Minimum of 6 months working internationally, or within a development organization or similar experience. Experience in a leadership position.

• Language Proficiency: Spoken and written fluency in Spanish and English for sites in Latin America; Spoken and written fluency in English for Africa & Asia.

• Knowledge: Good working knowledge of sustainable development and the host-country’s culture/history/current events;

• Skills and Abilities: Ability to represent FSD effectively with host organizations, host families, local officials, FSD Interns, and International Sponsors (Donors, Academic Sponsors). Capability to supervise FSD Intern job performance and provide technical assistance as needed. Ability to guide FSD Intern job performance. Counseling ability in Cross-Cultural and performance evaluation situations. Organizational and administrative skills. Excellent computer skills in word-processing and database management. Motivation and commitment to work effectively as part of an inter-cultural team. Excellent interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability to exercise good judgment under normal as well as complex and often stressful conditions.Demonstrated ability to maintain working level contacts with NGO officials and host families. Strong skills in facilitating training events.

•Special consideration will be given to applicants who have prior experience with FSD.

Instructions to Apply: Send your cover letter and resume to with "IPC Application - Udaipur" in the subject line. Position open until filled.

Contract Dates: May 1, 2014 through November 1, 2014 (flexible within ~1 week)


It has been brought to our attention that a person or persons NOT affiliated with the Foundation for Sustainable Development have been posting fraudulent advertisements in local newspapers offering a Credit Officer position in Nairobi and a Field Interviewer Position in Kenya. These advertisements usually link to our actual website but at some point in this phony recruitment process a fee is requested to move forward with the application. Be advised that FSD does not have an operation in or around Nairobi and we would NEVER require payment to apply for a job vacancy. Any and all positions that become available in any of our international offices will be listed on our website, in addition to outside advertising.

We regret that there is a person or persons who are using FSD's good name and reputation to try and scam job seekers, and we are working with local authorities to put a stop to these activities. We would greatly appreciate you providing us with some details such as the date and name of publication where you found the advertisement, via email at will help to prevent future victims of this scam.

Other Ways to Get "In the Door"

Please note that paid positions with FSD are extremely competitive and we receive far more applications for each position than we can feasibly interview. Whenever possible, we prefer to promote from within, thus many current members of our team are exceptionally talented former interns and volunteers. If you do not possess the minimum qualifications for a current opening, or if you apply and are not contacted, we strongly encourage you to consider joining FSD's Intern and Volunteer programs. These programs commonly serve as a catalyst for paid positions with FSD and other like-minded International Development institutions.

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